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Apartment on Park Island rents for $67,000 a month!

Not all of my posts will be related to property prices, but obviously rental and sales prices are always a topic of interest. Last week, an apartment of approx 1500 square foot, with a large rooftop and absolute ocean views rented for $67K a month. I am familiar with these types of apartments. They are either approx 1500 sqf with internal steps up to a private rooftop, approx 1500 sqf which opens up to a very large balcony. Two or three years ago you could rent them for around 25-28K. Last year the price range was aroud 30-35K. This year, in my opinion, they are still available in the 40-45K range. So the news that one rented for 67K was really quite interesting to me. I found out a little more about the apartment and its new tenant. First the apartment - it is nicely rennovated, modern style, suitable for the taste of a typical Westerner ex-pat. The rooftop also has some nice additions - large pot plants, some outdoor furniture etc. So this shows, that spending a bit on Western tast