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Park Island Bus and Ferry schedules

Park Island Transport Company Limited (PITCL) was established to provide high quality bus and ferry services to/from Ma Wan Island. They are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited, the company that developed Park Island. Here is the link of the Park Island Transport Company: Information about the Park Island bus schedule here: Information about the Park Island ferry schedule here: The contact details fot the Park Island bus and Park Island ferry services are as follows: General Enquiry -Tel: 2946 8888 (24-hour automatic telephone system), 2946 8899 (Operator during office hours) Email: Address: 1/F, Park Island Ferry Pier, 8 Pak Lai Road, Ma Wan, N.T., Hong Kong

Ferry Services on Park Island - will the ferry fares go up?

Over the last month or so, more residents on Park Island have become aware of wrangling between the ferry service provider to Park Island, Park Island Transport Company Limited ("PITCL")  and the Park Island Owners Committee regarding the ferry charges. For historical reasons, the raising of ferry charges in Hong Kong is a very sensitive issue. People unfamiliar with why this issue is sensitive may want to read up on what happened back in 1966 when the Star Ferry proposed raising prices: . PITCL is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited. It not only runs the ferry services but also the bus services to Park Island. There is no doubt that the bus services to Park Island are very profitable for PITCL. Some of the ferry trips are also profitable for PITCL, especially weekend ferry services and rush hour times, eg 7.30am to 9.30am and 5pm to 8.30pm. For times o

Photo of Park Island Estate take as the ferry approaches Ma Wan

Park Island Ferry Terminal

A photo of Ma Wan Ferry Terminal

Ma Wan Ferry Terminal This photo is taken from the hill around to the left of the Ma Wan Ferry Terminal, near where the Phase 6 Park Island villas are. Not many people go here, except a few local guys who like to go fishing off the rocks. HK island is off in the distance under the bridge. Here is another photo taken from the same spot with the camera point more to the left.

Reading newspapers on the Park Island ferry

One thing I like about cafes in the US, is that a newspaper, once read is "recycled". It is left, usually in a designated place, for other customers to come along and read. I have notice this also happens on the Park Island ferry. There is a luggage rack, in the middle of the ferry, which is usually not used for luggage. Rather, people put used newspapers here, and other people wanting to read them can take it. This is how I get to read my morning newspaper when I travel to HK island in the mornings. Ma Wan Ferry Further, at the end of the day, in line with the environmentally principles of Park Island, all newspapers are gathered up and used for newspaper recycling.

Ma Wan Ferry Terminal

Many people living on Park Island take the ferry to work on Hong Kong Island. Its especially nice for people who work directly in Central, but also pretty good for anyone who works on Hong Kong Island. The photo below is of the Ferry Terminal on Park Island. Park Island Ferry Terminal Ferries dock on both sides, and run very regularly. Its a really nice feeling to leave HK Island behind after a day working in the city, and then come back to a place that is peaceful, with clean air, a nice breeze, trees and a beach. It really does feel like you are arriving at a holiday resort, each day! Almost every resident on Park Island says the same thing. Its a great feeling to arrive home! Some people grab a beer at the HK side and enjoy unwinding on the way home. Others stop off the the 7-11 on Park Island when they arrive, and have a beer or two at the tables outside with other residents. The ferry is HKD $17 per trip for HK residents, which to me is a very reasonable price to pay for t