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Snakes on the island - a snake on Ma Wan beach!

We have snakes on our island (and I'm referring not to the real-state agents, but rather REAL snakes).
I took photos of this snake on Ma Wan beach on Saturday. OK, well its actually just the skin of a snake, but if that's the skin, I would hate to imagine the size of the owner of the skin!
If anyone sees the actual snake, please send me a photo. I am not sure how big snakes in Hong Kong can get, but this was a big one.

Snakes on an Island!

A snake was spotted on Park Island. Quite a big deal apparently. Police were called, and a "snake expert" was brought in to capture the snake.
Here's a photo of the poor little guy...

The snake is obviously terrified. Hopefully he was captured and released somewhere nice rather than being killed.
What's the bet we see Park Island management erect a "No Snakes Allowed" sign :)