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Indecent assault allegation at the Blue Blue club swimming pool

A few days ago, I noticed a police van outside the Blue Blue club. I did not really think much of it, but today I found out what happened. Apparently a women swimming confronted a man who had "patted her bottom" in the indoor pool. The man (a middle aged Chinese male) then moved to the outdoor pool. The woman called the police, complaining of an indecent assault. When the police arrived, she described the culprit as a Chinese man, around 50, wearing swimming shorts. The suspect was spotted, and then exited the pool. You can imagine these scene and "loss of face" as a male resident was surrounded poolside by two or three police officers, 2 life guards, the alleged victim, etc. The male suspect was then taken to the police for questioning. I was not there, so I did not see what occurred, but one theory is that the woman became angry at the man swimming in "her lane" so when the inevitable happened, which was a collision between two swimmers, she pulled t