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Luxury resort plans for Ma Wan old village

Many Park Island residents have heard, "from someone who heard", that there might be plans for a luxury resort and marina at the Ma Wan old village. I'm going to provide a little more information on this.
It is my understanding that there are indeed plans to build such a resort on Ma Wan, along with quite extensive plans to develop (with appropriate conservation and restoration) the Ma Wan old village.
The development of the resort and old village are scheduled, at this stage, to take place between 2016 -2019.
I will provide more details in due course, but for now I wanted to show you where the resort will be.
The location marked with the red star is the area where Government approval has been given for the development of the resort. Apparently, approval requires the resort to have no more than 400 rooms, and requires, among other things, the developer to provide "sufficient road transport to and from the resort".
It is also dependent on "the completion of th…

Tsing Ma Bridge -The Bridge with Longest Span in Hong Kong

The iconic Tsing Ma Bridge, which can be viewed from Park Island, Ma Wan, is the longest bridge ever built in Hong Kong. 
The Bridge has a centre span of 1,377 meters and crosses the marine channel between Ma Wan and Tsing Yi. The main cables supporting the Bridge were made up of some 27,000 tonnes of steel wires. The total length of these wires is sufficient to stretch round the world 4 times.
The Tsing Ma Bridge forms a major part of the essential link in the expressway and airport railway connecting the Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok. 
On Tsing Yi, the Bridge links directly to an interchange with connections to the urban districts and, via the Ting Kau Bridge, to the Northwest New Territories.
On Ma Wan, high level viaducts extend from the Ma Wan end of the Bridge and cross the island to connect directly with the Kap Shiu Mun Bridge across the Kap Shui Mun channel.

Panda-manium - 1600 pandas come to vist Hong Kong

1600 pandas had a great time on the beach of Park Island / Ma Wan recently, and were warmly welcomed by Park Island residents.
The pandas, created by French artist Paulo Grangeon in collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature, are a protest work from the artist about the dwindling panda population.
Each paper panda represents a real panda. In 2004, the WWF estimated that only 1,600 pandas inhabit the planet and that the species is endangered. 
The pandas have already visited France, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Taiwan as part of a world tour. Their arrival in Hong Kong brings them closer to the natural home of real pandas, in the bamboo forests of western China. 
Here's a nice little video of the 1600 pandas arriving in Hong Kong.
Below are a few photos of the pandas on the beach at Park Island.

Outlook for the Hong Kong Property market 2014. Are HK property prices going up again?

I've received a number of emails since my last update on this blog, asking if Hong Kong property prices will start to rise again.
Currently, by applying a mathematical calculation of cost of rent vs cost to borrow, Hong Kong property is relatively fairly priced. That is, not excessively overpriced, nor excessively under priced.
In my mind, the biggest deciding factor is still:
1) How long the Fed will keep interest rates at current levels; and
2) To what extent the property cooling measures will be eased in Hong Kong. That is, will they be eased prior to the Fed increasing interest rates, in tandem with the Fed increasing interest rates, or at a lag in time from the time the Fed increasing interest rates.
If you knew the answer to these questions you could with great certainty make money (or prevent losing money) with regard to investing in property in Hong Kong.
My prediction is still that the cooling measures will be eased in Hong Kong in tandem with the Fed increasing interest rates.…