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Price Graphs for Park Island Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 5

A reader of this site, commenting on my post containing a Park Island Property Price Chart, requested that rather than provide an overall summary of Park Island prices, that I provide a chart for each Phase of Park Island.
So, below I am now attaching Price Graphs for Park Island Phase 1, Park Island Phase 2, Park Island Phase 3, and Park Island Phase 5. The period covered is the last 2 years.
(There is no Park Island Phase 4 as "4" is considered an unlucky number in Hong Kong).

The line shows the average prices per square foot for each transaction, and the bar graph in red shows transaction volume.
PS - I also recently received a comment from a reader encouraging me to post things of interest about Park Island other than just comments about prices. I have taken note of that comment, and hope I can strike the right balance between people who are interested in Hong Kong property investment, possibly buying on Park Island price data etc, and those who are more interested in the li…