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Rules, rules, rules

I've heard it said that Park Island is "like a mini-version of Singapore", and I wonder when I hear this, if it is supposed to be a compliment or a criticism :)

Yes, like Singapore Island, Park Island is well organized, clean, has manicured gardens, lots of greenery, but in some ways it has achieved this through many rules that apply residents. And just like Singapore, some people are not fond of having so many rules that everyone needs to comply with.

I snapped but just a few examples a few signs I saw recently, but didn't include the one in the changing rooms of Blu Blu that reminds residents not to use the hairdryer for their pubic regions (yes, some older men do this, and also use it to dry their feet...). Ewww.
What do you think? Do we have too many rules, or some unnecessary ones in Park Island?