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An update on overall Hong Kong Property prices compared to Park Island prices

For anyone wondering how prices are doing on Park Island, I am including the graph below, which is the most recent property price trend for Hong Kong property prices right up to today. For those of you who were hoping for a dip so you can buy, I am sorry to tell you that Park Island apartments hit a new high this month, up 2%. So much for the recent financial turmoil leading to property buying opportunities! Further, so far this year Park Island property prices have outperformed average Hong Kong property prices, Hong Kong island property prices, Kowloon property prices, and also property prices in the New Territories. Park Island Property Prices In the above graph, Park Island prices are in the blue colour, outperforming everything. The blue line below are the average prices for Hong Kong overall. The red line is for property prices in Kowloon. And the pink line is for NT property prices. So what is Park Island outperforming, and continuing to rise even in these recent volatile