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The Anacapri Park Island Club-house

Above is an illustration of the Anacapri facilities on Park Island, including the Apacapri pool and BBQ facilities on Anacapri. I find the club house very nice, especially the pool facilities. The pool and outdoor common area has a classy modern design, and is of a high quality.

One thing I often look at with a new development is to consider how it will look in 10 years time. For some developments, facilities look nice brand new, but then look terrible after a few years of aging, as materials used start to decay. For Anacapri, my sense is that long-lasting and high qualitiy materials have been used. So the pool area and club house should "age well" and I think will retain their classy look with the passage of time.

What is not shown here, and probably the most spectacular feature, is the way the pool looks over to the ocean when you are in it, creating the "infinity pool" effect.

Many pools in Hong Kong face a wall, or other buildings, or are "enclosed" but …