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Anacapri Park Island Prices Announced

Below is the price list for Anacapri on Park Island released today by Sun Hung Kai.
The list is for the "middle apartments", which means those which are not ground floor with garden units, or top floor with roof units.
Prices seem reasonable, and are priced at between 7000 to 8000 per square foot. So for a 1000 square foot apartment in Anacapri, you are looking at around HKD $7-8 million. Really pretty good value in my opinion, and lower that what I had thought they would be given the high quality of the development.
Based on feedback from agents, it seems he top floor and ground floor prices are expected to be around 14,000 to 19,000 per square foot.

I wonder what this relatively low pricing of Anacapri reveals about the Hong Kong property market? Property transactions are low in Hong Kong and for the time being, banks require 50% or more deposit at the moment for mortgages, which I think has contributed to relatively affordable prices.
It's also well-known that the develop…

Anacapri on Ma Wan - A YouTube video

I was sent this video of Anacapri on Park Island from a Ma Wan resident. It seems to have been put together by a Park Island estate agent.

Anacapri on Park Island - Phase 6 Park Island has a new name!

It looks like the Phase 6 development will be called AnaCapri. Here is the link of the Anacapri website: Anacapri Park Island.
The villas have been named Block 32 Park Island (Sun Ocean), Block 33 Park Island (Luna Ocean), and Block 35 Park Island (Aqua Ocean). They missed out Block 34, due to Chinese superstitions about the number which is considered unlucky.
It seems that prices for the Phase 6 Park Island villas will be put here: Park Island Phase 6 Prices.
Transaction records from Sun Hun Kai for Anacapri: Anacapri transaction records.

Centadata is also keeping Anacapri transaction data: AnaCapri Price Graph.
Full details and the sales brochure of the Anacapri development on Ma Wan are here: Park Island Phase 6 information.

I will post up more details soon along with a few further thoughts. I am asking a sales agent to show me around next week and I'll snap a few photos.

The AnaCapri website is

An article about the Phase 6 Park Island Villas

This article about the new villas on Park Island (phase 6) states as follows:
Floor plans will be released in the next few days, and maybe will start selling next week.
Prices are expected to be above $10,000 per square foot.
More than 500 people have registered an interest in buying.
Standard size of the villas are 1200 to 1500 sqft.
Duplux is 2000 sqft.
6 units have swimming pools and gardens as big as 4400sqft.
Total of 65 units are available.

The Ma Wan Community Centre

Nearly complete. Looks impressive! The Ma Wan locals in the village certainly don't seem to be short of cash building structures like this!  Most likely thanks to generous contributions from Sun Hung Kai who bought them out I suspect!

Happy Valentines Day on Park Island

Always interesting to see how many couples choose the beach on Park Island as a romantic spot to snuggle with their loved one :)
It's great to see people from HK side coming over to Park Island to enjoy themselves, but it's shame some people leave empty soft drink bottles and candles etc stuck in the sand. Why pick a nice location, only to trash it and spoil it for others.
Even if the beach is cleaned each morning, why not just make the effort to remove any rubbish yourself.

Photos of Park Island Phase 6

I met a Park Island property agent this afternoon. Here are some photos of Phase 6 Park Island from a brochure he gave me. The apartment I like are the ones with the lawns and pool, although in terms of buying I would almost prefer the luxury apartments on the upper floors of the earlier phases on Park Island.

A photo of Ma Wan Village before Park Island was developed.

Ma Wan, in the early days....

Phase 6 Park Island Villas - first transaction price

Rumor has it that the first sale of Phase 6 of Park Island has taken place at $15,000 per square foot. I don't have any confirmation at this stage, just gossip from estate agents. Stay tuned and I will report out when I have more definitive information.

Park Island Kei Wai Primary School

I don't know too much about this school, other than that the location of the school on Park Island would seem like an ideal place to send your children if you like the idea of children being in a quiter part of Hong Kong with cleaner air. If you lived on Ma Wan you could literally walk your kids to school, and I guess even take them home for lunch time!
What I thought was interesting about this Park Island school though, is that each morning there are a number of children whose parents live on Park Island for the clean environment, who send their kids to schools over at Tsing Yi or on Hong Kong Island because they consider those schools better or more prestigious. And yet at the same time, there a number of bus-loads of children who live outside of Park Island, who arrive each morning at Park Island because their parents prefer them to go to the Kei Wai Primary School!
Apparently Kei Wai Primary School has a reputation for "a more open and relaxed style of learning", which…

Movie being filmed on the Ma Wan beach?

Did anyone see what appeared to be a movie being filmed last night on the far end of the main Ma Wan beach? There was some kind of professional filming going on down there, with around 10 people with lighting, actors, makeup, costumes, etc.

Winter on Park Island

I keep forgetting how damn cold HK can get in winter!
A number of times I have looked outside and concluded its not really that cold, only to really regret not wearing more once I am outside. I think the temperature on Ma Wan must get a few degrees colder then more dense and built up places such as on HK island.
I do like the big hot pool in the Blue Blue club this time of year. What they do well, is that they make it really quite hot. I can really only last around 15 mins in there max, which is exactly how I like it, rather than a luke-warm pool, which is not quite hot enough for a decent soak.
I also use the sauna occasionally, but I must say, I enjoy the hotpool more.
Finally, I have discovered I quite like sake in winter. I buy a bottle for the Park and Shop in the Park Island piazza, and then place it into some almost boiling water to heat it. Sipping on that in the evening, while watching a good movie - that's what winter's all about :)