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Japanese restaurant on Park Island

It was a wonderful weekend on Park Island. I spent it swimming, lying on the beach, and eating and drinking! The weather is just great right now. I ate at the Japanese restaurant on Park Island on Saturday night. I sat at one of the outdoor tables, as the weather was just right, and also because I had two small kids with me who can sometimes make a bit of noise and run around. My ratings are as follows: Service - 6/10. Friendly, and food came quite quickly, but the staff were clearly quite new, got a dish wrong, and some of them spoke poor English. No great problems though, and I think they will improve. Decor - 6/10. Clean, tidy, but not particularly Japanese looking. But not bad either. The owners told me they will be doing some further renovation to improve the look of the restaurant. Food - 8.5/10. I was pleasantly surprised. Much better than I expected, and I will be going back again primarily becaue of the food. Value for money - 7/10. Cost came to $425 for two adults and t