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A totally incompetent response from the HK Transport Department regarding a request for speed humps on Ma Wan

After the tragic death of a much loved Ma Wan resident who was hit by a bus, I re-wrote to the Transport Department, telling them that I had previously suggested speed humps be installed due to fears someone would be hit by a speeding bus. Below is their reply, which demonstrates bureaucratic incompetence and laziness at its worst. Regarding your above case, the Transport Department has replied as follows – "The suggestion of installing road humps could be a hazard to passengers inside a bus. If physical barrier such as a road hump is introduced on the road surface, the sudden bumping of the bus as experienced by the passenger, for instance a pregnant woman, could cause harm and discomfort. It is therefore not Transport Department's practice to install road hump on public roads particularly where public transport is served. Transport Department will continue to closely monitor the traffic condition of the roads on Ma Wan and consider implementing necessary improvement meas