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There seem to be more French people moving to Park Island. Has anyone else noticed that?
Also more Korean air hostesses are moving here, it seems. If you want to meet some of them, they can be often be seen poolside at Chic Chic on weekends. So, if you want to practice your Korean, or are looking for a Korean friend, girlfriend, or wife, that might be a good place to meet them!

Has the gwailo who has joined the old folks doing tai chi in the piazza started a trend? Apparently a second gwailo was spotted joining them last week.  Maybe I should give it a try?
The luxury villas are apparently having their current kitchens ripped out and a newer modern kitchen installed. Word is that Sun Hung Kai are going to position these as even more upmarket than they had initially planned, so are now putting in top of the line European kitchens.
Around 20 workmen and engineering-looking types were recently seen thoroughly inspecting the structure right next to the new villas. What were they up to I wonde…

25 August 2011 Park Island Update

A number of long term Park Island residents have remarked to me lately that almost every week they are seeing new ex-pats around. It seems the influx of expats living on Park Island is very noticable to all, and I am sure this trend will continue. Park Island still has a majority Chinese population, but my guess is that the demographics will continuously shift towards a larger percentage of expats over time. Some of the expat residents renting on the island are not to happy about this, with there being an understandable concern that increased demand from expats will lead to increase in Park Island rents.
You know those old Chinese people you see each morning doing tai chi in the Piazza? Well, guess what - a local expat has, apparently, joined them. I was told he was recently seen among them, with a sheepish smile on his face, doing morning tai chi exercises with them. And no he was not mocking them - he was serious about it! Good on him I say - maybe he's on to a good thing! As for…