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Hong Kong Monopoly - Where does Park Island rank?

Check out this HK Monopoly board created by Justin Cheuk.

Way down the bottom is Cheung Chau. About half way around is Discovery Bay. Around a third of the way around is Ma Wan, ranking above Happy Valley, At the top end you have Repulse Bay and The Peak,
Do you think this is an accurate reflection of HK prices? I am surprised to see Ma Wan so much higher than Discovery Bay. It certainly wasn't like that 6 years ago, when Ma Wan was not as well known...

Interview with the "first expat to live on Park Island".

I recently met Frederik, who has lived on Park Island for many years, and claims to be "the first expat on Ma Wan". I asked him to respond to a few questions for my blog. Here is our conversation:
-Were you really the first ex-pat on Park Island? Yes, I really think so. I came here just when the first phase was completed. It was at stage where I would still get people looking at me just because I was a foreigner. That no longer happens, but it was fun at first being special like that.
-How did you end up choosing Park Island to live? I was sent to HK to work for a Danish shipping company. I came to HK not with specific ideas about where to live. Most ex-pats come here and live in Mid Levels, Happy Valley, Discovery Bay. I did not know about areas, so I looked more on the map to see what could be suitable. For many Europeans, we really need clean air and open spaces, so that played a big part. Back then, the rents were also very cheap at Park Island. I liked the facilities, and i…

A good article about Park Island

I got this article below from a property magazine in HK called Square Foot. It was published in 2008. I have made some additions of my own (in bold italics).
Background In the early days, most Park Island purchasers were investors looking to make a quick profit, but today 90 percent are buying for their own use. The property market is still behind that of other parts of Hong Kong but it is moving up slowly. My observation is that this is as correct in 2010 as it was in 2008. By way of an introduction, for those not familiar with it, Park Island Estate on Ma Wan is best described as Discovery Bay's baby brother. It has also been described as "Like DB but more Chinese" and "Like DB but classier and cleaner". Brought into being by Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd in 2002, it covers over 1.3 million square feet, and is now into its 31st phase.The final phase of apartments is due to be launched in Q1 or Q2 of 2011. After that, no further supply of apartments will be availab…