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AnaCapri Park Island transaction details - an update

The Anacapri sales data below is sourced from Sun Hun Kai.
I will also try to put up some details of secondary transaction records for AnaCapri Park Island once they start coming through.
From speaking to agents it seems that initial quick on-sells were around 8-12% up, but that for anything that's being offered for on-sale now people are seeking around 20% above what they paid.
For interested buyers of AnaCapri apartments on the secondary market, as I mentioned in a previous posting, it may be that as properties fall due for settlement some buyers might lower their prices. This is what has happened at some times in the Hong Kong property market. Having said that, rates are so low right now, the desire to do this is likely not to be as strong as it was in Hong Kong when interest rates were higher.
AnaCapri Park Island Transaction Details
Block 座數, Villa 單位 Floor樓層

03/03/2012 33 C 3 HK$ 7,749,100.00

05/03/2012 32 B 6 HK$ 14,247,300.00

05/03/2012 33 C 1 HK$ 11,886,300.00

05/03/2012 33 C 5…