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24/7 taxi access is coming to Park Island

In my last post Tung Wan Beach to be widened , I reported the good news that the main beach on Ma Wan, used by Park Island residents, is going to be significantly widened with plans for an even wider flat sandy beach.  I now have some further good news to report, this time regarding transport on to Ma Wan! The Tseun Wan District Counsel has just recommended and approved a further easing of transport restrictions to Park Island for taxis. I can confirm that the recommendation was also approved by Hong Kong's Transport Department. It appears that the transport department has approved two major changes. First, taxi access will be opened up to Park Island for weekends as well as weekdays. T he hours of access will be extended such that taxi access will move towards an eventual 24/7 schedule. I think the relaxed restrictions will be welcomed by mothers with kids and prams, and late night revellers returning from Central alike. Secondly, the taxi operation area

Taxi access hours to Park Island

I am pleased to report that taxi access hours to Ma Wan have now been extended such that taxies, during the week, can enter at all times, except between 7am to 10am. During weekends taxi access is only permitted after 8pm, which I personally am OK with as it will keep away the crowds who would otherwise come to enjoy our beaches on Park Island! Below is the notice I saw posted up by the Park Island Management. Park Island Taxi schedule