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Hong Kong Typhoon - some photos of Park Island during a typhoon.

There was a strong typhoon that hit Hong Kong today. It was very windy on Park Island, and the typhoon weather in Hong Kong caused damage across the city. On Park Island the damage was relatively minor. I captured some photos of Hong Kong during a typhoon below: Some minor damage to a plant. Typhoon damage in Kong Kong A tree was blown over at the Ma Wan beach on Park Island. The smell of a freshly collapsed tree is really nice by the way!  A man swimming during a typhoon  A Ma Wan resident decides to go swimming during the typhoon. Probably not such a good idea... Various potted plant were blown over. Heavy rain gets blown across the Park Island estate. The palm trees seem to survive the gale fore winds though :) Waves crash up against the Park Island surf club-house. Not a single lifeguard in sight by the way, despite one brave (stupid?) soul swimming. The effect of a typhoon on beaches Some parts of the beach on Ma Wan were washed away. If you look clo

A typhoon is approaching Hong Kong

A typhoon is heading towards Hong Kong, and so this will be my first typhoon on Park Island. The building here seem very solid and well constucted, but still it will be interesting to see how windy it really gets here. In each building lobby, the security guards put up signs warning about the typhoon. It was a level 1, now its a 3. Apparently it will hit a level 8 by tonight (or Signal 8 typhoon as the local people refer to it as). I will be watching from my window. Much of Hong Kong closes when we have a typhoon, but I think all the facilities on park island will be kept open (expect perhaps for the outdoor pools - lucky we still have indoor pools we can use!) Here is a link where you can get Hong Kong typhoon updates:  and you can track the typhoon's progress here: