Happy New Year Hong Kong.

It's a beautiful day on Park Island (apart from a slight hangover...)

The sun rises over Ma Wan, 1st January 2012

Have a great 2012!!!!!!!!!! - The Park Island Blogger


  1. I missed the sunrise entirely....did not wake up until 2pm that day and it was cloudy by then, along with my head.

  2. Hello from Canada - What a beautiful picture you posted - Jan 2012 can you believe it already?...I really enjoy reading your insights on life on the island. My son lives there with my new grandson so I am very interested in what's new since my first visit there in September. Thanks for all you do!!
    ps sorry you had a hang over - one too many beers I think hahahaha

  3. Hi, is it possible to see the Noah's Ark from the Park Island apartments?

    1. The apartments go all around Ma Wan Island. So from some of them, yes you can see the Ark. The Ark is around 5-15 minutes walk away, depending on what Tower of Park Island you live in.


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