The best photos of Ma Wan and Park Island

The Facebook Group for Park Island Park Island Facebook Group (called "The Ma Wan Network) has grown into a great social tool and bulletin board for Park Island residents since it was first started.

Among the various (and numerous) posts of second hand baby prams for sale, toys, musical instruments, crockery, unwanted food items, furniture, books, etc, and among heated discussions about topics like whether prams should be allowed on buses, and passenger etiquette on Park Island public transport (ie, the ferry's and buses to and from Ma Wan), there are some fantastic photos that have been posted that, as a collection, really capture the essence, beauty, and character of Ma Wan. As a group, Park Island definitely has its share of talented Hong Kong photographers, from amateurs using hand held camera phones, to those who are clearly professional and highly skilled artistic photographers with a real eye and craft for capturing amazing shots..

The Park Island Facebook Group is closed and limited to invited members only (which is good as it keep out spammers), but it means that the great content generated by this group is not viable more broadly, which is a shame as there is so much great stuff to show case our wonderful and growing Ma Wan community.

I really hope The Ma Wan Network continues to grow, but with Facebook Groups you never know if/when the originator of the Group will ever cease to operate the group. I want to make sure we don't lose some of the great content generated by Park Islanders, so I've captured some of best and will post it here, If you happen to be the originator of any of the content, please do post in the comments section and claim credit for your work!


  1. Hi Mr. Park Island blogger. I just recently moved to Park Island a couple of months ago. I am enjoying it so far but have now come up against something that I hope you can help.

    I'm leaving for a trip which requires me to be at the airport by 5:30am because the flight leaves at 7:15am. The airport shuttle bus starts service at 6am which is cutting it too close.

    I can't speak any Cantonese so can you recommend any way to get to the airport by that hour? Thank you very much!

  2. Hi Mayo. I have a few suggestions.

    1. For any questions like this, do reach out to out to other residents on the island. Usually someone will have some good answers and solutions. If you are not yet a member of The Ma Wan Network Group on Facebook, sign up and post your question there.

    I would suggest if you have a flight that leaves before the first shuttle gets there that you take a taxi. Apart from the regular taxis which you can book, there are actually "discount taxis" that charge lower than the metered fare. Ask any local on the island - most will have the number of a discount driver.

    In the future, the other obvious option is to book flights that leave from 7.30am onwards I guess.

    Glad you are enjoying PI. Yes, its a great place :)

  3. Hi guys. Anyone else getting sales agents suddenly all calling them? I've had around 6 this weekend all asking if you want to sell.


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