Is a casino planned for Hong Kong? And will it be on Ma Wan?

It used to be relatively accepted thinking that Hong Kong would never get a casino as "the Jockey Club has a monopoly on gambling in Hong Kong". And historically, and before China yielded a greater influence over Hong Kong this was pretty much a given. Indeed, the HKJC was (and still is) a strong lobbyist against any form of competition, and was (and still is) backed by many people of power and influence from the pre-1997 colonial era.

Hong Kong already has "floating casino boats", and many Hong Kong citizens these days simply gamble on-line, or through more traditional Chinese triad associated shadow "gambling facilitators" (who take bets, lend money, pay out money, and when needed, collect money via various methods).

And right next to Hong Kong we of course have the gambling mecca of Asia, Macau (where many casino companies are actually listed in Hong Kong, on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ("HKSE") including Sands China, Galaxy Entertainment, Crown Resorts, MGM, Wynn, and SJM Holdings).

However, for various reasons, China may be having a change of thought as to whether Macau should be the exclusive destination in China for casinos. There is a line of thought that the powers that be, both in Macau, and the old guard of the HKJC need to be taught a lesson in terms of who is boss. And of course that boss, in China.

Further, there might be win/win benefits to HK in having a casino, and the upcoming e Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge may be the link that enables this to happen. The purpose of the bridge is to promote social, economic, and tourism benefits, which is intended to flow in all directions.

In his last policy address CY Leung cited plans for 4500 apartments or houses to be built in the Ma Wan old village, but that this was being held up by a handful of elderly residents who refused to leave their houses. He also mentioned plans for "a luxury tourist facility" noting that prior bids for use of the land had been unsuccessful.

Here's a possible scenario. Tear down that ridiculous Noah's Ark, build a nice hotel, add parking facilities, permit car access for residents (and for anyone else as a visitor who my pay by the hour), and build luxury houses/apartments, a boutique casino/hotel, and a marina with a range of high end restaurants on the old village part of Ma Wan.

So, lets see what becomes of this. I am sure the views from residents on Park Island would be mixed, on such a proposal, but personally I find the idea quite exciting. And of course for any apartment owner, they would be happy as prices would go absolutely nuts! 


  1. Think that old village has just one person hanging on in there. They are also doing work on the harbour walls. Though not sure why as if it is to be moorings or a marina it needs dredging i would think.
    be nice to see a promenade and some restaurants etc down there like Sai kung but i imagine it would be a hotel or apartments

  2. Bring it on. This would he a game changer for Mawan and for HK.


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