Park Island Ferry Terminal

It appears the Park Island Ferry Terminal from Central to Park Island is getting a full makeover. Does anyone know exactly what they are doing? Are they adding a restaurant, or small bars etc in the terminal?

I have heard it speculated that the makeover was requested by Sun Hun Kai who want it all in top shape before launching the final phase of Park Island villas.


  1. Yes is probably to do with the new villas, and also because Park Island is becoming increasingly "upmarket". So now you suddenly see the new type of people demanding better facilities. Also, as they are now allowing taxies to go to and from the island at all times, they are worried this will reduce the demand of the ferry service, so they are trying to make it niceer.

    The current ferry terminal is entirely fine. I see no need for any upgrade, and the painting they are doing for the upgrade smells when you are waiting 4 a boat to arrive.

  2. an agent told me that they are waiting for the HK property market to become a bit more steady again before releasing the villas as they don't want to have them available unless they will get snatched up immediately as its bad for the image of PI if they sit empty.

  3. The Park Island BloggerJune 20, 2011 at 6:59 PM

    Thanks Littlecoulds. That might well be the case.

    I have also heard two other reasons/rumors from agents.

    The first is that Sun Hung Kai have already sold many of the villas to "private buyers", and that therefore when they finally are officially available, they will actually be secondary sales, with the "private buyers" then making a profit. I am not sure if that is true, but if so that would annoy me if I was a Sun Hun Kai shareholder as it means that some profit is potentially being lost by the shareholders.

    The second thing I heard is that Sun Hun Kai have applied for private carparking for the owners of the villas, and that this is taking time to be approved, and that they will release the villas (at a higher price of course) once the parking approval comes through.


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