Hong Kong Monopoly - Where does Park Island rank?

Check out this HK Monopoly board created by Justin Cheuk.

Way down the bottom is Cheung Chau. About half way around is Discovery Bay. Around a third of the way around is Ma Wan, ranking above Happy Valley, At the top end you have Repulse Bay and The Peak,
Do you think this is an accurate reflection of HK prices? I am surprised to see Ma Wan so much higher than Discovery Bay. It certainly wasn't like that 6 years ago, when Ma Wan was not as well known...

Park Island property prices hit a record high end of August 2015

Park Island property prices hit a new record high end of August 2015.

Below is the most recent graph:

If you look at the end of the graph, you will see a massive 10.86% jump in prices over the last month.

Below are the current average prices (gross PSF and net PSF):

The data is taken from  Centadata HK property price data website (which is the same source I have primarily used in previous updates). 

For Park Island property owners who have been agonizing over recent stock market losses, take some comfort that at least your property investment continues to rise in value.

An update on Park Island property prices as we head towards 2016

Let's take a look at how prices of property in Ma Wan / Park Island performed this year so far.
A year ago, in August 2014, I made a prediction as to where prices for Hong Kong property might go, in my post: What will Hong Kong property prices do?
In that post, I wrote the following:
"If I had to make a guess I would think that overall, prices will keep rising in 2015 in Hong Kong. I can't see interest rates rising at all until late 2015, and even then they will rise only very very slightly, if at all. Property cooling measures are very unlikely to be increased, and they are more and more being "priced in" which means that eventually, when they are removed, the removal of property cooling measures in Hong Kong will be very supportive of property prices.
All in all, the factors going forward, weighed up, point to quite decent property price growth for Hong Kong next year."

It turns out I was spot on the mark.
I also included a graph at that time, providing an indi…

Thunder bolts of lightning

Some cool photos here that were recently uploaded onto the Ma Wan Network Facebook page. 

Would have been scary being on the bridge at the time the bolts hit.

If you are the photographer of these great pix let me know and I will acknowledge you.

Stunning photo of a storm approaching Ma Wan

Someone posted this on the Park Island Facebook Page called The Ma Wan Network. Not sure who took it, but I love the photo. The photographer clearly has some talent.

When will private cars be allowed on Park Island?

As promised, here is an update on the discussions I have had with the Hong Kong Planning Department and the Hong Kong Transport Department.
First, below is the actual response I received in relation to submissions and inquiries related to allowing access and car parking for private cars for Park Island residents. 
This office has consulted Transport Department on your proposal. This email serves as a coordinated reply by Planning Department and Transport Department.

The construction of the Airport Core Projects had impacts on the planning for Ma Wan. The Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok is about 12km to the west. The Lantau Link, which is the major transport link between Lantau and the urban area, passes over Ma Wan.

Ma Wan is located at a prominent location along the Tsing Ma and Lantau transport corridor and subject to traffic capacity and infrastructure constraints. Comprehensive planning and control on development on the island with due regard to all the limitations is …

A totally incompetent response from the HK Transport Department regarding a request for speed humps on Ma Wan

After the tragic death of a much loved Ma Wan resident who was hit by a bus, I re-wrote to the Transport Department, telling them that I had previously suggested speed humps be installed due to fears someone would be hit by a speeding bus. Below is their reply, which demonstrates bureaucratic incompetence and laziness at its worst.
Regarding your above case, the Transport Department has replied as follows –

"The suggestion of installing road humps could be a hazard to passengers inside a bus. If physical barrier such as a road hump is introduced on the road surface, the sudden bumping of the bus as experienced by the passenger, for instance a pregnant woman, could cause harm and discomfort. It is therefore not Transport Department's practice to install road hump on public roads particularly where public transport is served.

Transport Department will continue to closely monitor the traffic condition of the roads on Ma Wan and consider implementing necessary improvement measures t…